Hair Furnishings (1-2)

F1, F2, Improper coat, Wh locus, wirehaired

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The term “furnishings” refers to the longer moustache and eyebrows seen in dogs with wire hair, as well as some other breeds. Some breeds are fixed for this trait, such as the Airedale Terrier, which is known for their longer mustaches. However, in other breeds, this trait can be variable. In breeds such as the Portuguese Water Dog, furnishings can be variable. However, furnishings are required for a dog to adhere to the breed standard. In the Portuguese Water Dog, dogs without furnishings are referred to as having an “Improper Coat.”

Furnishings are a dominant trait, meaning that a dog only needs to have one copy of the furnishings gene to show the physical trait. In order for a dog to display furnishings, the dog can either code as F/f or F/F. Dogs that are heterozygous (F/f) for the furnishings gene can pass on either the furnishings gene (F) or the non-furnishings gene (f) to any offspring. If two dogs are both heterozygous for furnishings, there is a 25% chance that each puppy could get the non-furnishings allele from each parent and not display that trait (f/f). This can make testing an important tool to be able to more accurately predict the type of coat of all the offspring being produced.


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Possible Results

F/FFurnished: Dog has two copies of the furnishings mutation and will always produce offspring with a furnished coat.
F/F2Furnished: Dog has one copy of each of the mutations associated with furnishings. The dog will have a furnished coat but may pass the weaker F2 mutation to offspring.
F2/F2Furnished: Dog has two copies of the F2 allele. The dog may display furnishings to a lesser degree and will always produce offspring with some degree of furnishings.
n/FFurnished: Dog has one copy of the furnishings mutation and will be visibly furnished. The furnishings mutation may be passed to offspring.
n/F2Furnished: Dog has one copy of the F2 mutation, the dog may display furnishings to a lesser degree. Dog can pass on a copy of either allele to any offspring.
n/nNon-Furnished: Dog is negative for the furnishings mutation.