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DNA Testing

Reliable and state-of-the-art testing to identify genetic traits in breeding animals and to determine the likelihood that these traits will be passed to offspring.

Wide range of services

Testing for color breeding potential, to genetic disease identification, and relationship testing. We offer Genetic Testing Services for horses, dogs, cats and pigeons.

Fast. Dependable. Affordable.

Since 1992, Animal Genetics has been a pioneer in the delivery of fast, dependable, and affordable genetic testing for customers around the world.


Providing you with the highest quality of genetic testing services

Our list of services has continued to expand as new methods of detecting, isolating, amplifying, and labeling genetic material are developed.

What makes us so different? Why Choose Us?

Since 1992, we have provided individuals around the world with innovative genetic services and the highest level of customer satisfaction. Here are some organizations that trust us as their genetic testing partner.

Quality Control

Our departments are constantly looking for ways to improve all aspects of our service and provide customers with the highest level of quality control in the industry.

Collaboration & Conservation

Over the years we have worked with a number of organizations and agencies on conservation projects around the world and our research department collaborates with the leading universities and research institutions world-wide.

Latest Diagnostic Techniques

Diagnostic methods include nanopor sequencing, nested PCR, qPCR, Multiplex PCR, Fragment Analysis, Capillary Electrophoresis, DNA Sequencing, Recombinant ELISA, Protein Electrophoresis and more.


Our work is regularly published in recognized scientific journals like Journal of Molecular Evolution, Archives of Virology, Avian Diseases, Veterinarian Diagnostic Methods, Elsevier and Mol. Phylogenet Evol.

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