Avian Sample Collection

Avian sample collection is quick and simple if you follow a few basic guidelines. A kit is not necessary. DNA sexing samples can conveniently be assembled using either your own baggies for feather collection or by printing your own cards for blood collection. However, if you would like us to send everything needed for sample collection, please check the list below for a complete guide on all sample kits.

If you have any additional questions or require assistance please call Animal Genetics and speak to one of our customer service representatives, or visit our FAQ page where the answers to many common questions can be found.

DNA sexing can be done using either blood, feather or eggshell sample. A blood sample can be collected on a simple cotton swab (bud) and placed into a paper envelope or plastic bag. Plucked feather samples collected form the chest or breast area can be placed in a plastic bag or small paper envelope. Egg shell samples should be completely dry before placed in a small box, or container.

If you would like collection kits you can order them as follows: request either 1 x blood card per bird, or 1 x feather kit per bird.

Requires a blood sample for testing. 1 x blood tube per bird. Environmental testing for PBFD requires 1 dry environmental swab.

A cloacal (vent) swab. 1 x swab per bird. Environmental testing for Chlamydiosis requires 1 dry environmental swab.

A cloacal (vent) swab. 1 x swab per bird.

Both a blood sample, and a cloacal (vent) swab. 1 x blood tube + 1 x swab, per bird. Environmental testing for Avian Polyoma requires 1 dry environmental swab.

Requires a serum or blood sample for ELISA antibody testing and/or 5-10 chest or breast feathers for PCR testing, per bird.