Privacy Policy

Under the applicable data protection law(s), Animal Genetics Inc. will only obtain, use, process and disclose personal information about The Client to proceed with its responsibilities in providing the service contracted for, and for other related purposes including updating The Client records, analysis for statutory returns, crime prevention and legal and regulatory. The Client has a right to a copy of personal data held about them by Animal Genetics Inc. and such data can be obtained by The Client. In some cases a small administrative fee may be associated with such requests.

Animal Genetics does not sell, share or distribute ANY personal information to a third party or otherwise, the only exception being in cases of suspected fraud. Such information includes but not limited to names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and test data of any kind under any circumstances.

If AG suspects a client has committed a fraudulent act which may affect AG including but not limited to the falsifying or misrepresenting personal data, sample submission information, test results or any other information AG reserves the right to release at its discretion any information it deems necessary in order to determine the accuracy of its suspensions.

Upon Animal Genetics receiving a sample from a customer Animal Genetics retains full ownership of the sample. Animal Genetics may choose the run additional tests, not requested by The Client submitting the sample, or use the sample for research purposes. All test results regardless of whether they were requested are confidential.

All test results are confidential and will not be shared with any third party without the express consent of The Client who submitted the sample with the exception of rare cases in which Animal Genetics suspects some form of fraudulent behavior by The Client.

Sample(s) submitted to AG by The Client will be stored by for a period of 3 years from the date the sample was received. AG reserves the right to continue to store any submitted sample(s) after this period indefinitely.

Written documents submitted by The Client are stored by AG for 5 years. Under certain conditions the original documents may be provided to The Client on written request, subject to AG’s right to make copies of any and all requested documents. After 5 years Animal Genetics will destroy/shred all documents submitted by The Client containing personal, financial, and sample information.

When placing an order with Animal Genetics, data including but not limited to information such as The Clients, e-mail address, home address, sample details, and payment details are securely stored. Our offices use that data to help provide its customers the service requested as well as keeping The Client informed about any new services, promotions, holiday hours and other developments.

Animal Genetics may use the data The Client provides to help inform you via e-mail about special offers and campaigns that may be of interest, including but not limited to informative and promotional emails. To do this we will keep The Clients name, address and e-mail address allowing us to send details of our promotions by e-mail and/or we may contact you about offers and promotions. The Client may choose to opt out or discontinue receiving emails or calls at any time.

If a third party, like a veterinary practice or registry, submits an order on behalf of a client, Animal Genetics will send the test results to the party that SUBMITTED the sample and not the owner of the animal without the consent of the third party.


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Why does Animal Genetics use cookies?

In some cases Animal Genetics may decide to use cookies in order to improve The Clients experience with Animal Genetics services. Reasonable effort will be used to let The Client know if a cookie is used and The Client has the option to refuse. In no way shall a cookie be used in any other way.

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