DNA Profile (Outside Laboratory)

DNA Profiling and Parentage (Canine)

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DNA profiling, also known as DNA fingerprinting or genotyping, establishes a genetic code for individual dogs of every breed. This test does not determine breed. Rather, it identifies specific gene markers that are inherited from both parents. These can be used to identify the parents of a dog.

Animal Genetics currently offers the ISAG (International Society for Animal Genetics) standard panel, which consists of 18 STR markers. This panel identifies highly polymorphic markers to determine the most informative genetic code for any dog. The DNA profile of a dog consists of two alleles for each marker. Dogs have one allele that was inherited from the mother, and one that was inherited from the father.

Canine DNA profiling is a useful tool to accurately identify a dog (particularly in case the dog is stolen) or to prove parentage. DNA Profiling does NOT determine the breed of a dog.

Parentage Analysis:

DNA Profiling is an efficient and extremely accurate way of proving parentage. In cases where the sire of a litter is uncertain, the DNA profiles of the mother, father, and offspring can be compared. Any alleles present in the offspring that did not come from either parent means that a secondary sire is probable.

Standard Canine Marker Panel:

Animal Genetics follows the standards set by the International Society of Animal Genetics (ISAG) and leading labs including The University of California Davis (U.C. Davis). All our profiles use a multi-plex genetic STR marker panel, consisting of 18 Loci: AHT121, AHT137, AHTh171, AHTh260, AHTk211, AHTk253, C22-279, FH20545, FH2848, INRA21, INU005, INU030, INU055, REN162C04, REN169D01, REN169O18, REN247M23, CAN-AMEL. Following these standards creates reliable results that are accepted throughout the world.