Mushroom Dilution

Mushroom Dilution

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Mushroom is a unique recessive coat color type found in the Shetland Pony. Horses with two copies of Mushroom dilution are typically described as being a sepia color, and may also have a light or flaxen mane and tail. 

In 2019,  researchers used 12 Mushroom colored horses to map the phenotype to a frameshift mutation in MFSD12 on equine chromosome 7. This recessive dilution gene that affects red pigment in horses. Mushroom is a unique coat color phenotype found primarily in the Shetland Pony and Miniature Horses.  Because Mushroom dilution only affects red pigment, black- or bay-based horses will not express the Mushroom pigmentation.  These horses can still pass on the gene mutation to any offspring.

Possible Results

Genotype Description
Mu/Mu Homozygous; Horse has two copies of the Mushroom Dilution gene mutation and will express the dilution on red or bay-based coats. Horse will pass a copy of Mu to all offspring.
n/Mu Heterozygous; Horse is a carrier of the Mushroom Dilution gene mutation. Horse has a chance to pass this gene on to any offspring.
n/n Negative; Horse is negative for the Mushroom Dilution gene mutation.


Frameshift Variant in MFSD12 Explains the Mushroom Coat Color Dilution in Shetland Ponies

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