Avian DNA Sexing (Blood)

Avian DNA Sexing (Blood)

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Animal Genetics offers DNA sex identification from a small blood sample for over 2000 different species of birds (Sexing Species List). Blood samples can be collected on small cards which can be printed out or supplied by Animal Genetics as well as cotten swabs found at your local grocery store.

Use caution when collecting samples: clean nail clippers between each bird and try to avoid touching the circle on the card or the end of the swab where the blood will be placed.

  1. For blood cards, remove the card from the plastic bag or print out your own Permacode Card. Label the card with the bird identification which can be a band or microchip number, the bird’s name, or even a cage number. This is important so that you can keep track of which sample belongs with which bird.
  2. Once you have control of the bird, use a clean pair of nail clippers to clip the toenail 2/3 of the distance from where the nail protrudes out of the toe. Hold the foot loosely at the ankle and allow the blood to flow freely from the nail. Next, place the card underneath the toenail and allow the card to absorb a drop of blood. When using cotton swabs hold the swab and touch the end of the swab to the cut nail, allowing a drop of blood to be absorbed by the tip of the swab.
  3. Allow the blood on the transport card or swab to air dry for a few minutes before placing it into the plastic bag or envelope. Make sure the bird has stopped bleeding before returning it to its cage. To help stop the bleeding, apply a blood coagulant such as Kwik Stop with a cotton swab to the cut nail.