Avian DNA Sexing (Eggshell Membrane)

Avian DNA Sexing (Eggshell Membrane)

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In 1999, Animal Genetics developed another reliable way of collecting and transporting samples for DNA sexing for virtually all species of birds (Sexing Species List). After a chick has hatched from its shell, vascular material is left behind on the inner surface of the egg’s membrane. This vascular material is a great source of DNA for sex identification.

  1. Once the chick has hatched from the egg, carefully place the shells to one side and mark which shell belongs with which chick. Try not to touch the material inside the shell.
  2. Allow the eggshell membrane to completely dry before submission. Shells may be left in the incubator or removed and allowed to air dry for 24 hours or until the egg membrane is no longer moist. Removing the moisture will slow down the decay of the DNA required for testing. DNA is extraced from the vasular material lining the eggshell membrane.
  3. Once the membrane is completely dry, place the entire shell in a zip-lock bag or small container and label appropriately. Eggshells do not have to be in one piece but should be mostly intact before shipping. It is recommended to send egg shells in a box to prevent crushing during shipment.